Center Acquisitions

Today, many markets contain outpatient centers that are seeking exit strategies. Whether a local hospital or its radiology group is looking to attempt a market consolidation or just grow its book of outpatient imaging business, local providers should be considering acquisitions as a sensible and cost effective alternative to developing a new center. OIA can assist in identifying acquisition opportunities, evaluate the acquisitions, and can provide capital and management resources to not only complete the acquisition but also take responsibility for running them.

Acquisition Valuation and Due Diligence

OIA has valued several hundred potential acquisitions over the years. As a result, we have developed unique insights into the true market value of any acquisition. In evaluating acquisitions, OIA takes full responsibility for the valuation and subsequent due diligence process.


OIA has completed many acquisitions and has therefore developed a process that ensures a smooth ownership transition. This includes operational continuity, human resource coordination and training, marketing planning, financing, tax requirements and RIS and PACS go-forward planning and integration.