New Center Development

As a joint venture partner of a new outpatient imaging center, OIA typically takes full responsibility for overseeing the development of the project. Busy hospital executives are often faced with a number of competing priorities. With OIA as your partner, you will enjoy the level of input and involvement you desire while being able to rest assured that your imaging services strategy is being deployed in professional and timely manner.

Market Assessment

OIA carefully evaluates each opportunity through a comprehensive market assessment that assists in determining the size and scope of the opportunity. OIA analyzes demographic data, competitive landscape, payor and reimbursement issues, patient demands and needs, referring physicians, and key strengths and weakness of a potential project. OIA’s findings are clearly illustrated in a comprehensive business plan with a detailed financial forecast for the partners to review.

Turn-key Development Services

OIA takes responsibility for all the activities needed to bring your imaging project from the point of conception through commencement of operations, allowing you to choose the level of your involvement. From facility design and construction to securing financing and payor contracts, OIA’s experienced and dedicated staff insures that each center is opened in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Project Capital Solution

Many providers are faced with increasing demands on an already stretched capital budget and therefore, it is our goal to minimize your required investment. OIA will ease this burden by investing its equity alongside the partner under a flexible financial structure designed to meet the needs of all parties in the venture. Additionally, OIA has a demonstrated history of success in securing leasehold improvement, equipment, and working capital financing on a non-recourse basis thus not affecting the debt capacity at the parent level.

Ownership Models

As a privately held company, OIA is flexible in developing ownership structures that meet with the needs of the partners. OIA seeks what we consider to be a “meaningful” ownership interest – the amount of which can be dependent on many factors.  In most cases OIA does not require majority ownership.