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Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, LLC Announces Radiology Business Services Solution To Assist Existing Outpatient Imaging Centers


Nashville, TN (October 10, 2006) – Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, LLC (“OIA”) announced today that its expertise in the management, operations and marketing of new outpatient imaging centers will now be made available to existing outpatient imaging centers under its Radiology Business Services program. Under this program, and on behalf of the center’s existing ownership, OIA will assume responsibility to manage, supervise and direct all non-clinical aspects of the center on a day to day basis.

“OIA was created on the premise of providing hospitals and radiology groups the ability to develop a new outpatient imaging center in order to regain market share against predatory imaging competitors” explains Frank Kyle, Chief Executive Officer of OIA. “Many hospitals and radiology groups have now entered the outpatient market but are not experiencing the success they hoped for. That is where OIA can help.”

The foundation of this program lies in an Annual Management Plan and Budget that will be submitted by OIA to the center’s equity partners. This comprehensive document will address all aspects of center operations addressing such issues as financial forecasts, marketing initiatives, volume estimates, capital expenditures and staffing requirements. Once approved, this document will then serve as OIA’s marching orders for the following twelve months.

Additional aspects of OIA’s Radiology Business Services program include a sustained sales and marketing effort with incentives to meet or exceed budgeted exams for each modality; information technology programs to assure a smooth and efficient paperless flow of information within the center and to/from any relevant third parties; and responsibility for all financial requirements including periodic reporting, accounts payable, financing options and audits to compare actual performance to budgeted expectations.

Lastly, as part of this program or as a stand alone solution, OIA will provide a billing and collections service that includes oversight of all front office responsibilities. Every member of the center’s team – including scheduling, reception, check out and technologist – should be properly trained to ensure clean claim processing. OIA will engineer this process and provide comprehensive, ongoing training for all new and existing associates.

“Many locations are struggling today to develop the exact expertise we already possess” continued Kyle. “This program is designed to help those locations leapfrog years of possible frustration and successfully compete in the marketplace immediately.”